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Rules & Tips

  1. No smoking inside. It’s ok on the veranda.
  2. Well behaved pets and children are allowed. Both should never be unattended. Pets must be kept on a lead, regardless of what you see the locals do. Clean up their mess and don’t let them disturb the local cats and wildlife.
  3. Kids 12 and under are free, but a pet requires a $50 deposit, of which half is refundable, regardless of the length of stay. Pay upon arrival, refund upon departure (unless damage results in forfeit of entire deposit). Damage done by kids will also have to be paid for.
  4. No loud music at any time. Respect 🙂
  5. Always lock up when you are out, including both security gates and trash bin locker. Ask for the code to get in at the top gate.
  6. If you don’t know how something works, ask. No stupid questions here!
  7. If something breaks, tell your onsite host.
  8. Skip rule number 8 and go to the beach.
  9. Maid service is once per week. If you want more, ask your onsite host and he will check availability and collect the additional fee.
  10. Turn off the AC when you’re not in, please and thank you. The island is powered by a ship in Port Louis. Energy is expensive and sacred!
  11. For best AC results, keep the bathroom door closed at all times and the curtain shut.
  12. Don’t steal the artwork. If you want something from the wall, contact the owner, Faith, who is the photographer, and she’ll be happy to take your order.
  13. We don’t like this number. Skip it.
  14. The Love Shack is yours while you are here. Make yourself at home and treat it like your own. The next guest will appreciate it.
  15. Clean up before you depart please. Your housekeeper will wash your linens, sweep up, clean the bathroom, and do some last minute dishes.
  16. Dispose of your trash regularly at the trash locker down the hill. Cleanliness will reduce ants and cockroaches.
  17. Same goes for kitchen. Keep it tidy so the bugs don’t see an all-you-can-eat buffet!
  18. If you’re the messy type, we suggest you put a sheet on the sofa bed. If you mark it, you will be charged a $50 cleaning fee upon departure.
  19. Finished the book you brought? Feel free to trade it out for one in our library.
  20. Avoid Mosquitos- well it’s not entirely possible! Keep the screen doors closed at all times and get some good repellant. The local one is said to work better than the brand name ones.
  21. Use the outdoor shower to reduce sand in the Love Shack.
  22. If you can catch a peeper frog, I’ll take $5 off your bill. Take a picture and send it to me, then let the bugger go across the way!
  23. Many people in the complex live here either full or part time. Say “Hello” and they will smile back. This goes for local people walking down the street as well. Most are friendly and courteous, so leave any rude city manners you may have at home, please.
  24. We have a “You-break-it-you-buy-it” policy. So try not to break anything!
  25. One last thing. We want your experience here at the Love Shack to be fun and enjoyable. If you loved your stay, sign our online guest book and rave on Trip Advisor. If you have constructive criticisms, tell Faith! Your comments are important to us. When you return a second time, we’ll have a thank you gift for you!

Booking Terms and Conditions

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So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

“A perfect hideaway, a little gem with stunning views.”

Sue Wilson

Malabar, United Kingdom

A lil’ ole place where we can get together

“When “home”, we spent virtually all of our time on the deck from morning coffee and breakfast, to chill time, to cocktail hour(s) , to candlelit dinners virtually every night – it’s just that special!”

Rick & Daphne Hammond

Kimberley, Canada

Love Shack, baby, Love Shack

“The view from the deck over the beach is stunning, and we spent most of our time here, just relaxing, eating & drinking and enjoying the warmth and atmosphere.”

Janet and John Gilbert

Essex UK

Glitter on the front porch

“My husband and I spent just over a week at the Love Shack. It was an absolutely perfect little condo for the two of us. The location was exactly right — steps away from BBC Beach and Plywood Bar and a short walk to Grand Anse with its dive shops and restaurants.”

Darian Dorsey

Virginia, USA

Huggin’ and a-kissin’,

We just spent an absolutely wonderful week at the Love Shack and have been making all our friends jealous with our pictures and stories!”

Allison Cannarsa

New Jersey, USA

First Impression was Amazing

“This place is absolutely gorgeous. The love shack was the first and amazing impression that I have of Grenada.”


Maryland, USA

Bang bang, on the door, baby

“We enjoyed our stay that much that we cut short a trip to Carriacou to stay another 3 nights.”



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